Our Art Curriculum

At Kitwell Primary, we aim to develop creative individuals with a wide range of skills through our art curriculum. We aim for children to be able to express their creativity and their individual flair as an artist. We aim for children to be given the freedom to explore their own identity as a young artist through having regular opportunities to explore different materials and media. We also recognise the importance of the arts for mental health and well-being and aim to use art as a way to facilitate mindfulness in the classroom.

Pupils are taught Art as a discrete subject each term. The teaching of art is primarily skills based and focuses on one of 5 skill areas: drawing and mark-making, working with colour, sculpture, textiles and collage, and printing. These skill areas are built on across the phases in order for children to be given the opportunity to continuously revisit and build on previously learnt skills. Famous artists and designers form an integral part of the art curriculum, and links are made to an artist in each unit of work each term. A skills overview for the year highlights how skills are taught across the school and where there is opportunity to build on these. Children have the opportunity to access a wide range of materials and resources across the curriculum in order to expose them to many different techniques and processes. All art units are evidenced in sketchbooks, which are passed up through the school in order to show progression.

Art is assessed at the end of each unit using the agreed assessment grid format. This assessment is entirely skills based and children are given the opportunity to revisit these skills in future units if necessary. Children are given the opportunity to self-assess their artwork and suggest their own improvements wherever possible in order for them to develop their criticality as an artist. By the end of year 6, it is hoped that children leave Kitwell with a broad range of art and design skills and knowledge of a wide variety of artists, techniques, and media. We also hope that children leave with a passion for creativity and continue this passion throughout their lives.

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