Pupil Voice

A member of staff from every year group, the behaviour support team and Senior Leadership Team was identified as someone that SEND children felt that they could talk to if they needed to about problems or concerns.


“Drama lessons in English help me to know what to write about in lessons” (Year 5 Pupil)

“I like coming to school when we have pizza” (Year 1 Pupil)

“Teachers help me to improve in my work” (Year 6 Pupil)


77% of SEND children said that they do not need any extra help as they already have what they need in their classes and lessons.


“Teachers use pictures so that I don’t struggle with my work” (Year 3 Pupil)

“The Jigsaw room is my favourite place, I go in the den. It is relaxing” (Year 2 Pupil)


92% of SEND children said that they have lots of friends at school.


“My teacher gives me different work so that I understand it better” (Year 6)

“My teacher gives me some ideas to get me started and then I carry on, on my own” (Year 4 Pupil)

“My teacher helps by making the work easy to start with and then makes it harder and harder” (Year 1 Pupil)


What tools/strategies have you been given to help you take part in different subjects?

  • “My own desk” (Year 5, Year 2 and Year 1 pupils)
  • “Fiddle toys” (Year 6 and Year 2 Pupils)
  • “My own visual timetable” (Year 6 and Year 3 Pupils)
  • “A wobble cushion” (Year 2 Pupil)
  • “Ear defenders” (Year 4 Pupil)
  • “A reward chart” (Year 5 Pupil)
  • “Stress toys” (Year 6 Pupil)
  • “Pictures” (Year 3 Pupil)
  • “Different work” (Year 6 Pupil)
  • “A named person to talk to” (Year 5 Pupil)