Parent View

We often ask you to complete questionnaires and give your views about Kitwell Primary. Please find below the outcomes of those questionnaires.

90 Responses % Positive
My child is happy at this school. 99%
My child feels safe at this school. 100%
My child does well at this school 100%
The school has high expectations for my child. 98%
The school makes sure the pupils are well behaved. 99%
This school deals effectively with bullying. 97%
The school is a welcoming and pleasant place to visit. 99%
The school makes me aware of what my child will learn during the year. 100%
When I have raised concerns with the school they have been dealt with properly. 99%
The school lets me know how my child is doing. 97%
There is a good range of subjects available to my child at this school. 99%
The school supports my child's wider personal development. 97%
My child can take part in clubs and activities at this school. 98%
I would recommend Kitwell Primary School to another parent. 99%
For Parents with a child with a special educational need (SEND) *15 responses  
The school gives my child the support they need to suceed. 100%

Parental Questionnaire Comments

Teachers are always available if we need support from them - I'm lucky to choose this school for my daughter.

The school informs parents about the welfare of the children which I like.

Both my children have always been happy here and achieved well.

I would just like to say thanks for everything.

Both my children have done very well at this school so no major changes are required as far as I am concerned.

Great school and amazing staff!

I appreciate check-ins with my child's emotions on a weekly basis.

A very good learning environment for my children.

I feel the school helps both my children with their needs and learning.

I'm very happy with my children's progress in Kitwell.


Parent Suggestions

These are things we will look into for this coming year:

More school trips

More in school events

More extra-curricular clubs or paid child-minding

Giving parents more feedback