We are proud to be a myHappymind school. 

My Happy Mind is a whole school mental health and well-being scheme. 

Have a look through the presentation below to find out more about what this looks like in our school.


Each week, we take part in myHappymind lessons. These teach us a new skill or brain habit to promote a positive mental attitude. 

The children then have the opportunity to  use this brain habit throughout the week, and praise certificates are given out each week to the children who have worked hard on their new skills. 


If you would like to access the parent app to support yourself and your child at home please follow this link:  https://www.learn.myhappymind.org/mhm-parents-engwales-signup or visit the app store and search myHappymind. 


This is what Mrs Shevels thinks about the impact myHappymind is having for the children at Kitwell: