Staff List 2022-2023

This list is current as of September 2022


Head Teacher: Mrs Michele Shevels

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs Dawn Potts

Inclusion Manager: Mrs Lucy Matthews


Teachers and their classes:

Year R: Mrs L. Collins and Miss S. Kalirai

Year 1: Mrs V. Miller

Year 2: Mrs C. Childs

Year 3: Miss K.Baldwin

Year 4: Mrs L. Twomey and Mrs K. Cole

Year 5: Miss C. Goodwin

Year 6: Miss N. Southall


School Office Manager: Mrs S. Bates 

School Finance Officer: Ms A. Jones  

BSS: Mrs C. Evans

School Cook: Mrs L. Tilley


Family Support/Attendance:

Mrs S. Butcher


Behaviour Mentor:

Mr N. Martin


Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs S. Wincott- Reception

Mrs G. Rose - Year 1

Mrs M. Prentice- Year 1

Mrs W, Cumberpatch - Year 1

Mrs N. Mazic- Year 2

Miss E. Jones- Year 2

Mrs J. Keen- Year 3 and Year 5

Mrs I. Jarrett- Year 6

Mrs E. Dudley- Year 4 and Year 5


Lunchtime Supervisors:

Ms M. Rigby and Ms C. Mears- Reception

Mr N. Martin- Year 1

Ms S. Dickinson- Year 2

Ms E. Nellins - Year 3

Mrs C. Wiggans - Year 4

Ms M. Rigby- Year 5

Mrs T. Gee- Year 6


For information about our school governors, please click here.