Kitwell's School Vision

At Kitwell, we aim to be an outstanding school at the heart of our increasingly culturally diverse community.


We are a nurturing school where we want to work in closer partnership with parents, carers and other community members - thereby enabling each and every child to achieve to the highest possible standard.


At Kitwell, we understand the links between the children’s emotional well-being and their progress and attainment. We actively promote and protect the well-being and mental health of all members of the School Community. This academic year – we are working towards “myHappymind” Silver accreditation.


We want our children to grow up together to be healthy, happy, resourceful and independent learners. We strive to make our curriculum creative and multi-cultural, incorporating opportunities for practical, technological and risk-taking activities.


We plan to enhance our pedagogy by implementing the “5-a-day approach” in line with EEF’s “Moving forwards, making a difference” planning guide.


We want our children to have a voice, understand their rights and responsibilities, value and respect one another and have the skills necessary to meet future challenges… This year we are introducing House Captains and Happiness Heroes.


Our school grounds and premises continue to develop. We aim to have: a multi-sensory room; inviting reading areas, equipment and more technological software to enhance our provision.