Inclusion Manager

  • Coordinates and monitors provision for children with SEND, maintaining an 
    overview and tracking their progress.
  • Carries out assessments and observations
  • Arranges and liaises with external agencies where necessary.
  • Liaises with and maintains communication with parents/carers.
  • Informs the Head teacher and SEND Governor of SEND issues across the 

Contact Details: Lucy Matthews – / 0121 476 0694


Head teacher
The Head is responsible for pupils with SEND, keeping the Local Governing 
Body informed and working closely with the Inclusion Manager to coordinate 

Contact Details: Michele Shevels – / 0121 476 0694

SEND Governor
The SEND governor is the designated link, who will liaise with the Inclusion 
Manager and report policy to parents annually.
Monitor progress of SEND pupils and budget for Special Educational Needs.

Contact Details: Katie Ward -

In the event of any complaint being made, the Class Teacher should be contacted in 
the first instance. Should the matter remain unresolved:

The Inclusion Manager should be contacted to investigate and resolve the 
If the issue remains unresolved, the case should be passed on to the Head 
teacher for further investigation and reported to the SEND Governor.
If a formal complaint needs to be made, it should be put in writing to the 
Governing Body.
The Chair of Governors may be involved if necessary and in the event of an 
unresolved complaint the LA may become involved.