Mission Statement

“It is our aim to create a happy, secure and inclusive environment, where all members of the School Community can grow in self-esteem, develop their full potential and celebrate their achievements.”

Our Teaching:

We have a balanced and creative curriculum which incorporates new and first –hand experiences.

We develop an understanding of and respect for a wide range of religious values, languages, cultural traditions and different ways of life.

We provide opportunities for our children to have a voice.

We provide our children with the skills for life in the current World.

Our Children:

We want our children to be:

Independent learners;

Capable of using tomorrow’s technology;

Adaptable, self-reliant, resilient and resourceful;

Risk takers;

Tolerant of change;

Valued members of a diverse and evolving Global Community.

Our ethos:

We recognise differences and respect cultural diversity within our community and Britain today.

We encourage our children to form personal and moral values and to appreciate the beliefs of others.

We believe that everyone should have a voice and that all opinions should be valued.