Cognition and Learning

Quality First Teaching for all children 

  • Visual Aids
  • Visual Timetable
  • Writing Frames
  • Access to a word processor
  • Support via teacher or teaching assistant
  • individual daily reading.


Targeted Support

  • Focused literacy support group
  • Additional phonics
  • paired reading
  • rapid reading sessions
  • rapid writing sessions
  • rapid maths sessions
  • fine motor skills
  • Direct Phonics
  • Pre/post- tutoring of vocabulary
  • toolkit targets group.


Specialist Support

  • PSS Support referral
  • personalised curriculum planning
  • individual rapid reading
  • individual rapid writing
  • Precision teaching
  • individual toolkit targets support
  • Toe by Toe
  • Gross Motor sessions based on recommendations by a professional
  • Oaks Specialist Teacher referral.


One of our priorities at the moment is supporting our 'Bottom 20%' across the curriculum. Below is our offer for these children in reading, writing and maths.