Kitwell Primary School

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Contact and Complaints

Inclusion Manager

  • Coordinates and monitors provision for children with SEND, maintaining an overview and tracking their progress.
  • Carries out assessments and observations
  • Arranges and liaises with external agencies where necessary.
  • Liaises with and maintains communication with parents/carers.
  • Informs the Head teacher and SEND Governor of SEND issues across the school.

Contact Details: Lucy Darby–  / 0121 476 0694


Head teacher

  • The Head is responsible for pupils with SEND, keeping the Local Governing Body informed and working closely with the Inclusion Manager to coordinate provision.

Contact Details: Michele Shevels – / 0121 476 0694


SEND Governor

  • The SEND governor is the designated link, who will liaise with the Inclusion Manager and report policy to parents annually.
  • Monitor progress of SEND pupils and budget for Special Educational Needs.

Contact Details: Brianne Thomas – 



In the event of any complaint being made, the Class Teacher should be contacted in the first instance. Should the matter remain unresolved:

  • The Inclusion Manager should be contacted to investigate and resolve the issue.
  • If the issue remains unresolved, the case should be passed on to the Head teacher for further investigation and reported to the SEND Governor.
  • If a formal complaint needs to be made, it should be put in writing to the Governing Body.
  • The Chair of Governors may be involved if necessary and in the event of an unresolved complaint the LA may become involved.